Gyroscope is a complete solution to the mobile-user retention problem. Unlike analytics tools that require manual work, Gyroscope is automatic. With just 3 lines of code, Gyroscope automatically customizes an app's behavior -- in real-time via ML -- to each user such that their happiness is maximized. Happiness = retained users = revenue for developers.

Gyroscope uses cutting-edge ML techniques on a rich set of clean, homogenous data. Data scientists will use Gyroscope’s fast-iteration, highly-flexible data processing and analysis environment.  Data scientists work hand-in-hand with engineers. Everyone writes code.


  • Create a foundation for sustainable data science at Gyroscope
  • Experiment with myriad techniques to maximize user happiness
  • Develop Gyroscope’s real-time machine learning pipeline

Desired skills:

  • Significant expertise with at least two of: supervised learning, multi-armed bandit problem, stochastic processes, or reinforcement learning
  • Deep knowledge about at least three of: experiment design, hypothesis testing, parameter estimation, optimization, or utility theory
  • Familiarity with (or capability to learn quickly) at least two of: Keras, Torch, Caffe, Tensorflow, or STAN
  • Experience with (or capability to learn quickly) Python and/or R
  • Strong problem solving and scientific mindset (PhD preferred but not necessary)
  • Worked on/with mobile app growth teams (Bonus)

The candidate must be comfortable with:

  • Working in a rapidly changing code base
  • Working with shifting goals and priorities
  • Applying software engineering best-practices
  • Significant autonomy

At Gyroscope, we strive to be scientific, curious, respectful, and outcome-oriented.

Gyroscope offers significant equity for the right candidate. We are based in San Francisco, CA, and this role requires the candidate be onsite.

Interested candidates should mail their resumes to