Gyroscope For Ads: Automatic Ad Selection & Display

Gyroscope automatically customizes an app's advertising behavior—in real-time via machine learning—to each of its users such that per-user lifetime value (LTV) is maximized. Gyroscope dynamically and automatically picks when to (and when not to) show an ad to a user - solving the problem of users being over- or under-served ads.

When Gyroscope is installed, each user has a different advertising experience; one user may see and enjoy multiple advertisements per session, while another user may see only a single ad per session. Gyroscope will learn this difference and adapt the application to each of these users.

By serving the correct amount of ads at the correct time, Gyroscope maximizes per-user LTV.

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How do I use Gyroscope For Ads?

Gyroscope For Ads is two simple lines of code, and the SDK itself is easily installed via CocoaPods. Once installed, Gyroscope automatically instruments the application and starts creating a model of each user of the application. These models learn when and how often a user will respond to an ad, and acts on that knowledge by showing each user an ad at the right time and with the right frequency.